For Hyundai Elantra engine

Place of Origin:Shandong, China

Brand Name:Hirate

OE NO.:22211-26600, 22212-26000

Car Model:elantra/ celesta/1.4 Accent


Quality: High-Quality

Features of HIRATE valve:

·High temperature resistance, 
·Strong abrasion resistance, 
·High sealing, strong suction power, 
·Low noise 
·Long service life

Hirate valve chooses reliable materials

·Exhaust valve:21-4N、21-2N
·Intake valve:4Cr9si2、40Cr


In terms of production technology and equipment, our company mainly adopts the world's advanced technology and technology standards, and introduces advanced PLC computer program control processing lines, TOP, TIP, STL end, head welding special machines, salt bath type nitrocarburizing equipment, etc. In terms of raw materials, it mainly uses Japan's Datong Special Steel Co., Ltd., Japan's Hitachi Metal heat-resistant steel base material and Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation STELLITE (Stellite) cobalt alloy materials to process and produce various types of high-precision, high wear resistance, and long life. Valve, valve lock clip, spring seat ring.

Automobile engine valve:

Accept customization of automobile and motorcycle cylinder liners.
Such valves can be produced according to drawings or samples, and finished products can be provided according to the diameter and length required by customers. But there is a minimum order quantity requirement, please consult us for details.

Hirate valve production process:

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