72KW 1.5L JL475Q7 Engine Assembly For Chana Changan Alsvin V3 Landwind CV9 Fenghua

Engine: JL475Q7

Displacement: 1.5 L

Power: 72 kW

Torque: 137 N.m

Product description: Chana Changan Alsvin V3 Landwind CV9 Fenghua JL475Q7 Engine

Engine CodeJL475Q7
Displacement1497 cc
Cylinder Number4 Cylinder
MOQ1 Pcs
Quality100% Tested
Condition100% New

Features of HIRATE engine:

·Brand new
·Provide visual hot running test service
·12 months warranty period
·Thermal test time 80 minutes
·Equipped with free OEM quality oil filter, intake manifold gasket and exhaust manifold gasket
·Strong and protective packaging
·Clients can represent brands

Why choose Hirate engine?

·Focus on Japanese and Korean automobile engines: We are a professional Japanese and Korean automobile engine manufacturer with 18 years of experience, a professional engine technology research and development team. At present, we manufacture engines for Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese and Korean series cars. The level is already at the top in China
·Use oem quality parts:We have always insisted on using original parts and oem quality parts to assemble the engine. The quality of the parts themselves can ensure the service life of the engine and reduce the failure rate.
·Long time hot running-in test:Each exported engine has been hot-run for more than 80 minutes to allow the engine to achieve sufficient thermal run-in. At the same time, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the engine.
·Provide visual hot running test service:We can provide customers with hot running-in tested videos of each engine they ordered, customers can remotely check the status of the running engine
·Excellent after-sales service and quality assurance: We have a professional after-sales department. When the engine fails, the after-sales department will respond as soon as possible. If the loss is caused by the Engine quality, we will propose compensation measures and protect customers to the greatest extent possible rights and interests

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