For Peugeot EW6/7/12 engine 9622390280 Customized cylinder liner
OE NO.:9622390280

Size:77.61*128.9 /80.91*137

Place of Origin:Shandong, China

Brand Name:Hirate

Car Model:Peugeot ew6/7/12



Features of HIRATE cylinder liner:

·High lubrication performance.
·High temperature resistance.
·High wear resistance.
·Low friction.
·Excellent machining performance.
·Excellent lubrication retention ability.
·Hardness 220-285 HB
·Variable wall thickness.

HIRATE reliable partner

·Cast pipes with diameters from 1" to 30" and lengths not exceeding 45".
·The production line of processing equipment with conventional and numerical control technology.
·A metrology laboratory with permanent calibration and controlled instruments.
·Possess a casting testing laboratory
·It can be traced from the moment we receive your order.
·After-sales service and technical consultation
·Quality assurance

Automobile engine dry cylinder liner:

Accept customization of cylinder liners for cars and motorcycles.
Produced according to drawings or samples, this type of cylinder liner provides finished outer diameter and semi-finished inner diameter according to the thickness and length required by the customer.

Automobile engine wet cylinder liner:

We can manufacture wet cylinder liners for many brands of cars. They are completed internally and externally as well as on the plane at the time of delivery.

Diesel car engine cylinder liner:

The wet cylinder liner has a sealing groove and is always in direct contact with water or coolant.
They are delivered in accordance with the technical specifications of the original product.
We accept the manufacture of cylinder liners for all types of diesel vehicles.

Casting rough:

The factory purchases high-value combustion furnaces. From combustion to plastic molding to molding, experienced veteran technicians cast blanks, control the process from the source, and lay an excellent foundation for the production of cylinder liners.

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